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Your business is constantly evolving

Let's realize your goals together. Your business can run like a well-oiled machine with no compliance roadblocks on projects. Sleep better at night knowing the data you use is securely protected.

What do you want to achieve today?

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ensure GDPR compliance
  • ensure GDPR compliance
  • get ISO 27001 certified
  • get TISAX® labels
  • learn more about our customers
  • stop privacy compliance from slowing down my projects
  • build a certified ISMS
  • boost our marketing ROI
  • Comply with the EU Whistleblowing Directive
Let’s go!

Join over 2,000 companies who have their compliance firmly under control.

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Use data compliantly and boost trust

Use data compliantly and boost trust


Weave privacy into your business strategy with our combination of expert support and a web-based platform. Get jargon-free advice from our privacy experts while our platform automates manual, repetitive tasks. With fixed monthly costs and shared liability, you’ll have total peace of mind.

Explore Privacy-as-a-Service Privacy-as-a-service

Consent Management

Give consumers more control over their personal data via our consent management platform. Target consent requests so you only ask for the data you need, when you need it. Boost engagement, build trust and ensure privacy compliance. Get the high-quality data and customer insights you need to ensure your marketing messages are heard by the right people.

Explore Consent Management Consent Management

Build a certified ISMS

Build a certified ISMS-1


To grow strategically and keep important customers, strong information security practices come with the territory. Our in-house experts help you to build an ISMS that will shield your business from risk. With us you can prepare effectively for certifications like ISO 27001. Plus, our web-based infosec platform offers one source of truth for your entire organisation.

Explore InfoSec-as-a-Service InfoSec-as-a-service

Digitise and simplify compliance

Digitise and simplify compliance


Our solution, powered by EQS, offers comprehensive identity protection for whistleblowers. Simple to set up, this web-based system ensures your organisation follows all the required documentation and follow-up measures as per the EU Whistleblowing Directive.

Explore Whistleblowing Whistleblowing-1


Find order amongst the chaos with a single source of truth for compliance. Get eye-level support from our compliance experts plus a web-based platform to manage all of your compliance documentation, policies and tasks.

Explore Compliance-as-a-Service Compliance-as-a-service - coming soon

Discover why brands4friends, Demodesk & 2,000+ companies trust DataGuard.

What our customers say about us

“E-commerce is all about people. We do more than just store personal data: we monetize it. This makes it critical for us to stay on the safe side of data protection law. DataGuard helps us do exactly...

brands4friends Read More

“With our digital approach combining online appointments with a healthcare app, we needed a partner that really understands our technical needs. With DataGuard, we have found a partner that speaks...

Avi Medical Read More

“Trying to find the right solution was a complete minefield. There was no understanding or empathy. We are dealing with sensitive data and needed extra help. Nobody took the time to really understand...

Raion Read More

“DataGuard's team of privacy experts is what makes the difference. They don't just tell us "do it like this", they also explain why it should be done in a specific way – which helps broaden my team's...

Demodesk Read More

"The requirements with regard to data privacy and information security recently increased massively with our automotive customers, similarly to our industrial customers from other industries."

CBTL Read More

"With DataGuard, there’s a certain amount of hours included in our package. It covers the amount of questions that I have and gives me peace of mind that I won’t get a huge invoice at the end of the...

Alasco Read More

"As a result of flexibility for recording permissions introduced by DataGuard, UNICEF UK have seen a significant increase in the number of supporters giving consent to marketing depending on channel."

Unicef Read More

"Strong data protection practices are a great argument in favour of a company. People really care about this. And if customers care about it, then businesses need to care about it, too. With the help...

RightNow Read More

“We chose a professional solution that covers a spectrum which an individual internal data protection officer cannot provide – neither in terms of expertise nor in terms of time."


“We were introduced to DataGuard and they were able to provide us with the perfect solution at the time we needed it. DataGuard gives us peace of mind and helps us sleep well at night. If you want to...

NiceLabel Read More

“Previously, all data privacy queries ended up on my desk. Now, the platform is the linchpin. Colleagues can find all their necessary to-dos, templates, documentation, and training courses easily and...

Phiture Read More

“DataGuard allows us to automate responses which saves time and money. And if we ever have a question, they have a team of experts standing by to help. It is like having a pain reliever."

sevDesk Read More

“As a non-profit, we often work with so much personal data – names, email addresses, phone numbers, and more. We have to be on the safe side when it comes to privacy.”

The Futures Project Read More

TISAX® is a registered trademark of the ENX Association. DataGuard is not affiliated with the ENX Association. We provide consultation and support for the TISAX® Assessment only. The ENX Association does not take any responsibility for any content shown on DataGuard's website.

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Trust is the foundation of every successful business. Protect the trust towards your organisation long-term – with strong and sustainable compliance processes.

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