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Building customer trust, loyalty and happiness

Designed to build customer trust

Consent and Preference Management to help you capture, retain and grow consent as part of the customer experience

Be transparent about the data you collect to build


Duncan Waugh, Head of Rail IT at First Group

“We implemented the platform and within 6 weeks had captured consent for over 100,000 passengers with a 68% email opt-in rate.”

Nick Daniel, Marketing Director at Dogs Trust

“We needed to find a tool that would help us to maintain a relationship with the maximum number of supporters and that could adapt to future regulatory requirements. We can now provide our supporters with the ability to tailor their relationship with us. This new technology helps use increase the trust of our supporters, strengthening our relationships.”

Join over 1,500 companies who have their compliance firmly under control.

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Capture, retain and grow consent

Consent Management just got exciting


Increase the value
of your data

We make data capture part of the customer experience. Our engage+ feature intelligently targets consent so you only ask for information when you need it.

  • Grow an accurate and up to date database
  • Increase engagement and marketing ROI

Boost customer

Your customers (just like you) get too many emails and love to unsubscribe. By giving individuals complete control over their data, you'll keep them for longer.

  • Reduce blanket unsubscribes
  • Enrich your 1st party data

Sleep better
at night

You get a complete consent audit trail for every customer, updated in real-time, wherever they decide to change it. With compliance covered and ethical processes in place, you'll certainly sleep more soundly.

  • Complete audit trail
  • Compliant with GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, ePrivacy

Integrate with our flexible API

We connect to your favourite software


Trust is the foundation of every successful business. Protect the trust towards your organisation long-term – with strong and sustainable compliance processes.

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