DataGuard is a fast-growing legal-technology company based in the heart of Munich. Our team of over 100 consists of qualified lawyers, IT security experts, engineers and economists. As an external Data Protection Officer, we protect the data of small to medium-sized enterprises as well as major international corporations.

Team spirit, diversity, and the acknowledgment of each individual’s contribution are our top priorities. As an employer, we are more interested in your performance and reliability than the time you’ve spent in the field. Furthermore, we at DataGuard are committed to flat hierarchies and offer flexible working hours. Our work culture is an experience that is further embodied in our team events, team meetings and dinners.

"From recruiting to employee development, strategic planning to operational work – the range of tasks we perform in HR is very diverse. Our team is agile and enjoys building and developing an innovative HR department at DataGuard."

Sophie Scherbring


"DataGuard gives me the freedom to think freely and creatively. Because of this, I am able to develop my own new ideas and contribute to the development of the organization."

Bojan Marjanovic

IT / Platform Development

"DataGuard gives me the opportunity to shape the finance department of a fast-growing company with a strong team where I can contribute my own ideas when developing new processes. The combination of trust, teamwork and personal responsibility forms the basis of a steep learning curve for me."

Dennis Jaskolla

Business Adminstration

"In consulting, we systematically support our customers towards GDPR compliance. In addition, we provide assistance to each individual client in pragmatically implementing the day-to-day requirements of data protection. Every case is exciting and is solved on the basis of the law."

Teßmar von Bonin


Offene Positionen


    • If you have found an open position that interests you, send us an application via our application form. As soon as we have received your application, you will receive a confirmation email.

    • After we have reviewed your documents, we will arrange a telephone interview with you. During this call, we will discuss your skill set and your expectations of working at DataGuard. We will answer all the questions you may have to the best of our ability.

    • In order for us to have a better understanding of your skills, we will send you a work sample consisting of a few tasks to complete. We will assess your strengths and gain an overview of your methods through this test.

    • If the work challenge is deemed successful, we will invite you for a live interview, where you will meet some of the team members at DataGuard who will conduct an interview with you on an expert level.

    • In the final step you will experience a real working day at DataGuard. You will actively participate and solve first tasks together with your potential new team. In this way we would like to find out whether you fit in with us not only in theory but also in practice – and whether we fit in with you!

    "Work hard, play hard!"

    We believe in showing our gratitude to our team – may it be a rafting tour, cocktail-making course, or an Oktoberfest night out, we will always find a reason to have fun together!

    Receive a quote immediately. We would also be happy to advise you by telephone.

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