Who is DataGuard?

DataGuard is a data protection company headquartered in Munich, Germany. Since our establishment at the end of 2017, we have now grown to 100 employees and have become one of Germany’s leading providers of external data protection. With our self-developed machine learning-driven “Privacy-as-a-Service” solution – a hybrid of personal consulting and software-as-a-service – we cater to over 1,000 business customers in more than 400 cities and 300 industries throughout Europe.

In addition to small and medium-sized companies, our customer portfolio also includes major international corporations (industry, finance and trade), political parties, schools, sports clubs as well as churches and public institutions.

Our partner network includes some of the largest German industry associations (BVDS, DEHOGA, wvib, BVMW etc.) as well as Deutsche Telekom as a sales partner and IBM as a technology partner.

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